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    Default should a GFCI feel warm?

    i ran a string of outlets (8 duplex) in my unfinished basement protected by the first GFCI after installation i ran a brief test, i plugged a flood light in, ran the shop vac, and ran the table saw for about 5 minutes. i noticed the screw terminals on the GFCI were slightly warm (just warm, not hot)

    additionally even when nothing is being used i notice the GFCI face is slightly warmer than the duplex outlets, is this normal?

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    Default Re: should a GFCI feel warm?

    with that much load it sounds normal to me

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    Default Re: should a GFCI feel warm?

    Agreed- The duplex outlets were carrying just the load plugged directly into them while the GFCI was carrying the load of everything that was plugged in- hence it's a bit warmer because it's carrying more current. With electrical components, slightly warm is usually OK, hot to the touch never is.


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