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    Default Bathroom Sink Smell

    Recently my bathroom sink has started to smell like wet dog/ old wet towel, not sewer gas. I have always had a issue with the sink building up sludge in pipe dude to the pitch not being correct on the pipe from the trap, because of this I have had take off the trap multiple times and clean it out along with the other pipes. Back to the current smell, I have checked the trap and its full so I know its not sewer gas coming back up. My thoughts went right to the over flow, i have cleaned that out with drain cleaner and have blown it out with my compressor and have flushed with water. The smell did then go away for a for a few days but is back again.

    Does anyone know what exactly would be causing the smell and the best wait to get rid of it without having to replace the sink.

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    Default Re: Bathroom Sink Smell

    Sometimes it's hard to locate the source of that bad smell. But you can try this: replace the drain set, drain arm and the trap (less than $20), then clean the over flow with bleach. No guarantee, but see if it works.

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    Default Re: Bathroom Sink Smell

    Try flushing it with baking soda and vinegar on a regular basis. The foaming action helps clear the sludge. The vinegar helps neutralize any odors.

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