Thank-you in advance for any help with my question..

We have a leaky chimney/flashing. My husband has caulked/repaired several times only for it to start leaking again.. I looked through your suggestions on re-flashing the a chimney, and it does not mention the scoring of the mortar????

We have called in the experts, and they are recommending that they score, with a grinder,???? the masonry/mortar in the chimney to tuck the flashing into this groove and then, do the caulking over that???

I am concerned about the scoring messing with the integrity of the chimney???? Possibly cracking the rest of the mortar in the bricks and causing a huge mess or additional cost to us, down the road, for a brick mason.

The home is a one story ranch built in the 1960's with a double flew chimney. Only one side is actually used (double stacks for balance/looks I guess) it is a Wood burning fireplace.

We paid $1500.00 to have a stainless steel insert put in a few years back, and some masonry work done in the garage to the concrete block that had cracked, the mortar, from a chimney fire which we never knew we had????

We live in Indiana, and usually have winters that can get to -30 below or more with wind chills, with lots of freezing and thawing....We are not protected from the winter winds in our location. Wooded lot but our house sits on the front, of the woods.

Thank-you so much for any assistance with my concern...