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Thread: Gutter Issues

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    IF things are installed correctly and everything is wrapped in vinyl or aluminum water damage to the wood underneath should be minimal. If there is shingle overhang, and each lower panel is tucked behind the one above it, the only way water is going to damage fascia or soffit wood is if there is gaps in the panels or they were notched to hang the gutters.

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    Better news, this long weekend I took my friends advice (and a poster on this forum, thank you) and installed a gutter apron type product myself with the help of my afore mentioned friend. We got over 2" of rain so far yesterday/today and so far it appears to be working. The pitch on my roof is shallow so this helped redirect water and prevent wicking. Much thanks for everyones advise and I will be sure to do a compleete inspection and tear off when I re-roof in a few years.

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