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    Post Hardie Backer Board

    We have removed a tub and have started a shower--very small. We measured and everything is level accordingly; however, mid-wall-between two hardie boards is a space about 1/4 ". If we redo the hardie board align the space, then we have a space somewhere else. We have the fibre tape and water proofing stuff to put up. What can we do for the space before finishing? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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    You can fill it with thin set, put the fiber tape and cover it with more thin set. Flatten with a mud knife.

    Make sure you have moisture barrier behind the cement board.

    Go to YouTube and watch the excellent vids from tilemasterga - you'll learn a thing or two that will help you.

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    Depending on the 'waterproofing stuff' you may not need to do anything.

    You'll fare better by heading on over to the John Bridge Tile Forum and starting a thread there.

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