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    Default Increase security of windows

    My daughters house was broken into recently. The house is new (6 years) in a new subdivision. She was not home. The kids were caught, one of them at least, they had broken into 5 other homes that day/evening in the neighborhood.

    Over the last two years, I had painted her house and in the process, removed the doors and frames and reinstalled them my way. The kids broke down the doors on the other houses with a prybar, but not her doors, so they smashed a window and got in that way. They did tear off a storm door, but I didn't install that for security, just to keep water off her back door.

    The windows are contractor grade, aluminum framed, double pane, single hung. The house is brick siding. The windows are about the cheapest grade the contractor could get away with. I want to increase the security of the windows. My daughter is going to plant Rose bushes at the base of each window but I don't think that is the answer. It might help but I want to do more.

    I could replace all the panes with double strength glass at about $200 per pane for a total cost of $4400. That won't really slow them down much. I am looking at security screens and have contacted a company that makes them. These are stainless steel mesh screens that are very cut resistant. It is very difficult to get a hole in one of them large enough to get your hand through to unlock a window latch. Has anyone here used these or seen them? Cost? DIY?

    Any other suggestions? My daughter does not feel safe in her own house now and I want to restore that for her. I don't expect to stop a well equipped thief, but then a well equipped thief would be going for higher value targets. I also do not want to use iron bars because I do not want to attract attention. I just want to stop a bunch of teenagers who have gone astray.

    Edit, I am also looking into security storm windows but they don't seem to be holding much promise.
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