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    Default old kitchen drawers can't be removed from their slides

    I'd like to remove my kitchen drawers to clean them out and lubricate the slides but I can't seem to separate them from the mechanism. It's a single bottom-centered slide and it doesn't allow the drawer to be lifted up and off the rail when it reaches it's maximum extension. Is it possible to remove these easily or will they have to be disassembled?

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    Default Re: old kitchen drawers can't be removed from their slides

    can you take a picture of them and post it so we can see what kind you have?

    if they're older, from the late 80's or 90's, most of the drawers that had just a center slide could be pulled out. extend the drawer all the way out then you have to pull out hard. it will come off even if it feels like it won't. just keep in mind that i'm not positive that this is the drawer slide that you have.

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    Default Re: old kitchen drawers can't be removed from their slides

    Get underneath and have a look- if the method isn't obvious after that, see if you can take the roller off the back of one drawer in place. Once the drawer is out of the way the method should be easier to see and clearer.

    One last thought here: Some of the slide-type hardware use plastic rollers or bearing surfaces. Petroleum based lubricants can soften the plastic ruining them. I use vegetable-based grease from the Crisco can on those. And with plastic rollers or slides, if it's feeling rough it's past lubrication helping- the plastic is worn and you'll need new guides. Newer ball bearing guides can be greased with Crisco equally well though they rarely need it.


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