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    Default warping/buckling vinyl siding

    House was built in 2005, we purchased in 2009. In 2012 we noticed a buckling of the siding on the north side of home. We contacted the builder who stated the cause was due to solar heat reflecting off the neighbors window and the only way to correct this was to replace their windows. Friends have told us this could be caused by poor installation, either to tight or to loose. In October 2013 we replaced the lower half which was damaged, in December 2013 the buckling started again. In this estate which is comprised mostly of duplex type, most of the homes have this type of damage on the north side. I don't want to repair this again or replace the entire north wall without knowing the cause but something needs to be done before water starts getting in. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks much

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    Default Re: warping/buckling vinyl siding

    Welcome to the joys of vinyl siding. To be quite blunt, you will either get to continue this joy, or, you will replace it with something that isn't worthless.
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