We recently purchased an 1891 Victorian, and are having new hardwood floors put in, it has the original flooring. The house has 4 existing, working hot water radiators that are huge (and beautiful) (also a new boiler that is 3 years old). The flooring contractor wants us to have the radiators temporarily taken out for the new floor install, then reinstalled. We are hesitant to do this because they obviously have never been removed, and with raising them up 3/4" for the new flooring, the connections will all be different and could be hard to reconnect, opening us up for more problems down the road (leaks). I did a preliminary call to a plumber for a ball-park to do this and was told without seeing it 2k-3k. The flooring contractors has "a guy" who will do it for about 1K. We worry about that! We would prefer to leave them as it, sitting on the original flooring (which will be used as the subfloor for the new floor) and frame around them and maybe put in tile or rock under them to finish it. Please advise if anyone with experience would tackle this. We are spending a lot of $$ already for the entire house to have new floors, and an extra 3K is almost impossible right now.