Hello all. I am posting to get some feedback on what can be done about our sagging porch. We live in Northern New York, where the frost line is deep and most all old porches are sagging.

Our problem seems that the existing footers for the porch, which are the old metal pipe, seem to be sinking. This could be due to just settling. I am unsure what they used to do for those types of footings when they were put in.

Our porch is still in decent shape, but not new by any standards. I was looking to see what type of job am I looking at.

I assume the best course of action would be to pour new concrete footings for the porch. Is it feasible to put in such large and deep footers without needing to replace most of the porch? Or will I be replacing most of the front porch to make room for the footers?

Here is a link to a bunch of photos I have taken of the porch: Photos of Porch

You will notice from the front picture of the steps and the side picture that the the first footer seems to be doing ok, but the middle is sagging the worse. Just right of the steps.

Any comments, questions, and feedback are welcome. Thanks.