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    Question sofit ventilation

    I have seen a sofit vent with a flat and wide tube (23"w x 24"h)attached to it, so that when installed would push up through blown in insulation in the attic, thus giving air flow.The roofing company that had it will not sell me any as I am having someone else roof my home.I have been to Home Depot and their "pro" says he has never seen one.I held it in my hand so I know that someone makes them.Anybody know where I can purchase them?

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    are these what you're talking about?

    hard to tell from your description but i think you're talking about soffit or attic baffles.....they used to come in a pink rigid foam but now they're made of cheap plastic.

    big box stores sell them but you can also get them at any lumber yard.
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    Default Re: sofit ventilation

    Hi, Why are you putting a new roof? Are you having problems with ice dams, moisture or trying to lower your heat bill? Thanks

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