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    Default Casement windows to Picture window

    I need to replace three casement windows that are grouped together each one touching sides with the next. I was considering replacing them with one large picture window as we have no need to open the windows. What are the thoughts on this and how can I go about it. I do not want to change the opening size.
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    Default Re: Casement windows to Picture window

    doesn't sound like a big deal to me. hire a contractor to measure the opening and order the window of your choice. should take less than a day for the work to be done.

    1. get a few estimates and be specific about the manufacturer/model of the window you want.
    2. make sure your estimates include any new trim, inside or out, insulation around the window and any touch up painting that has to be done.
    3. check references
    4. check references
    5. check references

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    Default Re: Casement windows to Picture window

    What MLB said.

    It's going to be a custom window for sure. What's your budget?

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