I have 11 cast-iron radiators on a 2 story house built in 1909. I have purchased a Crown AWI095 (spark ign) and an W-M indirect tank (36 gal). I plan on also installing an Intellicon-HW+.

Now with the new "energy" credit I could consider installing the Triangle Solo 110.

I have created a program (spreadsheet) to get the bottom-line in regards to updating, or not, existing boilers while considering efficiency, heating loss, cost, rate-of-return, inflation, and life-cycle of the product including future replacements.

When not considering the energy credit, the mid-efficiency boiler is a better buy because of the high price of a mod-con. Hence the Crown purchase.

Using the credit, the mod-con is a little better - $1,000+ better return in 15 years.

So here is the dilema: how much more does it cost to service/fix a mod-con? The technology is only about 15 years old; has any stainless mod-con boiler even reached the end of it's life?

It would also cost more to replace the boiler after 15/20 years. I also live in a very, very cold area (49913) and need my basement temp to be bearable during the winter.

What to do?

Is an Intellicon really worth it? I am leaning towards the Crown (since I already purchased it) with the Intellicon because the tried-n-tru "standard" technology and less costly maintenance and part replacement.