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    Default 3season flooring insulation

    need to know what the best way to insulate 3 seasin room-walls and ceiling are insulated-floor is not-floor is 10 ft off the ground-built with 2/8s and 2/10sbeen approved by city but they suggest fiberglass and close in bottom-I'm afaid of traping wetness in closed space with no breathing room for moisture??

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    Default Re: 3season flooring insulation

    the best way......would be to use spray foam insulation on the underside of the floor.

    the normal way......would be to use what local building codes dictate

    either way, i would cover the bottom when you're done

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    Default Re: 3season flooring insulation

    If you close in the bottom with something like bead-board it will breathe well enough and look good too, so fiberglass will work fine like that. Edge-butted planking can do OK too but it's harder to fit tightly. If you use something that does not allow 'breathing' go with closed-cell foam.


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