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    Default Painting T1-11 am I wasting time and money?

    So our t1-11 siding is pretty bad, but I think we can save it. When you look in the grooves you can see where some of the wood is pulled away. I bought some glidden gripper primer and bher ultra exterior with primer. Is it a waste of money to use the primer in the bher as well? I thought it might make it stick twice as good. Looks like the last owner did a pretty bad paint job. Which it was only two years ago. Now it's cracked, but the weird part is it's stuck on fairly well, but some does flake off its strange. Wish I could load a picture. I just want a good paint job. I have been doing it by hand thus far. The glidden seems to make the surface much smoother. It's pretty rough as well.

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    Default Re: Painting T1-11 am I wasting time and money?

    If the plies (layers of wood) in the siding are de-laminating, it's only going to get worse till it falls apart. If there's only a little of this you may be able to work caulking in there and stop this from getting worse. It's usually worth a try. Use the primer, it will not fix what's underneath it but it will help considerably. I hate T-111 because I've never once seen it last without being painted properly every few years- it seems to die quickly at the first sign of any moisture ingression while the same paint job would last ten years+ on a better material. Just my opinion-keep it if you like it!


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