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    Question To re-pipe or not

    I had a plumber out today to see where some standing water is coming from in the back of my house. It appears I have a leak under my garage slab. We live in Central FL and I have been told that copper pipe here in older homes can have issues.

    We had a pin ole in the supply line to the house several months ago and it has been repaired. Now this has happened. The estimated cost to detect and fix the leak under the slab is approx. $1600. I was given an estimate of $5700 to re-pipe the entire house.

    Should I roll the dice and just fix the lean under the slab... Just looking for other's thoughts. Any opinion is appreciated.

    Thanks ya'll!

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    Default Re: To re-pipe or not


    You may spend more by fixing different pin holes in different locations than by re-piping.

    Get more re-pipe estimates, and this time go with PEX. I love copper, but in your case, after having 2 pin holes, going with plastic could be better, and also cheaper.

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    Default Re: To re-pipe or not

    Re pipe. Keep in mind all the pipe under the slab is the same age and it's not getting better.

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