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    Default 1800's Fieldstone walls

    Hi all,
    Im looking for recommendations with our Fieldstone walls for our garage. We will be adding a new 2nd floor to the garage this summer but we need to clean, repoint, repair and re-level the top of the walls first. So my questions are ...
    What type of environmently safe cleaner can we use?
    What type of moarter would be best for repointing?
    Can we/should we "seal" the walls? The rocks do tend to hold moisture when it is humid or raining, therefor making the inside of the garage extra humid.

    We are on a tight budget and would like to do as much as we can on our own. Any recommendations would be appreciated! Thanks!

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    Default Re: 1800's Fieldstone walls

    You need to do some research on repairing stone mortar joints.
    Check out wwwhistoricscotland.gov.uk
    Look up INFORM The use of lime & cement in traditional buildings.
    Also include Repointing Rubble Stonework.
    Masonry Decay dealing with the erosion of sandstone . If you can find this publication order it " Preparation and Use of Lime Mortars " ( Historical Scotland Technical Advice Note 1 )
    This info should get you on the correct path.

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