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    Default Subfloor for hardwood floors: OSB or Plywood?

    We currently have carpet over OSB that we would like to replace with hardwood floors. Are there any draw-backs to installing it over the existing OSB or should we invest in new plywood sub flooring? (The reason for the question is that a flooring installer recently refused to install linoleum in our bathroom over the existing OSB because he would only warranty/guarantee the product if it were installed over plywood)

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    Default Re: Subfloor for hardwood floors: OSB or Plywood?

    While OSB meets code for subflooring, I prefer plywood.

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    Default Re: Subfloor for hardwood floors: OSB or Plywood?

    I'm old fashioned and I don't like OSB for almost anything- it's simply a cheaper material because it's not as good as plywood for most uses. But my preference for subfloors is now "Advantek" or a good generic equivalent. This stuff is amazing even compared to plywood, and you can put anything but tile right on top of it.

    If the OSB is solid, it may be OK but if it ever becomes an issue you have to remove the entire hardwood floor to fix it- that's how I'd be looking at things here. It's the parts you don't see that make houses last!


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