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    Default Cost for basic duplex outlets in bulk?

    I see basic 14a duplex receptacles in home depot for less than $1.40 while the 20a with the metal back reinforcement are double the price at $3 (i do prefer these)

    While the cost is nominal it starts to add up quickly when purchasing 20
    Do you think an electrical supply house is cheaper?
    Just curious as to what opinions are


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    Default Re: Cost for basic duplex outlets in bulk?

    Those cheap receptacles will cost you more because you will have to replace them more often. Some won't even hold a plug in properly.

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    Default Re: Cost for basic duplex outlets in bulk?

    20 amp duplex receps can only be used on 20 amp circuits. 15 amp duplex receps can be used on 15 amp and 20 amp circuits.

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    Default Re: Cost for basic duplex outlets in bulk?

    Like brrichter said you can only use a 20 amp receptacle on a 20 amp circuit.

    If you're looking for quality then buy commercial or spec grade receptacles, different name for the same thing. They will hold up much better than your residential quality which is what Home Depot sells but you're going to pay a premium price for them. The heavier the receptacle the better the quality.

    I would use spec grade receptacles only on commercial jobs particularly at a restaurant such as McDonalds where they were likely to get hot. I replaced a lot of residential receptacles at these stores because they meltdown pretty fast. Even quality commercial quality receptacles like Hubble occasionally failed after a few months.

    For home use the Home Depot receptacles are probably more than adequate. If you have a receptacle that you plug things in and out a lot or keep a space heater running all night then consider a spec grade which are probably only available at a parts house.

    Home Depot prices are competitive. You're not going to do much better shopping around.

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    Default Re: Cost for basic duplex outlets in bulk?

    Now you know why new homes and remodels cost so much.

    All those little things sure add up.

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    Default Re: Cost for basic duplex outlets in bulk?

    In the grand scheme of things, the extra $100-200 for better quality receptacles in a $10,000 wiring job is negligible -- only 1-2%. In my opinion, they are worth every extra penny. I'm planning to replace all the 18-year-old el-cheapo backstab receptacles in my own house soon.

    Also light switches -- the bottom-of-the-barrel ones aren't particularly reliable, either.
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