We put an offer in on a home in late February 2014. April 15, the seller of the home we are buying got around to doing the septic inspection.....and it failed. We were told at that time, the tank needed replacing, but they weren't sure about the distribution box. I have received no updates on that from anyone. The system is usable - so, they wanted us to close with the seller putting funds in escrow for the work to be done. We said "No, fix it first". Since that time, we have closed on the house we were selling - and all our possession went into storage units. Our dogs went into boarding , and we moved in with my dad.

Today, I emailed the sellers realtor, asking for an update. She said details are still being gathered. I am unable to find anything regarding the timeline all of this should take and what govt offices need to be involved. Something has been going on at the house though, as there are deep holes that have been dug, and some of the ground disturbed.

Does anyone have any experience with this that can give me an idea of an average timeframe for a tank replacement?

We were hoping to close by next week..........but, with minimal info from the seller, I'm not sure that's going to happen. The sellers lawyer on April 24 told us "a few weeks".

Any input would be appreciated !!