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Thread: clogged sink

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    Question clogged sink

    We have tried everything and nothing seems to wrk. Some of the things we ve tried:
    Dra in snake
    vinegar and baking soda
    pulling apart the trap and replace pipes
    various liquid drains
    Putting the drain snake through the roof
    nothing has worked. Any suggestions????

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    Default Re: clogged sink

    Sounds like the clog is past where you are able to reach with the things you've tried. Drain cleaning liquids don't work, don't bother trying, the only way to successfully remove a clog is with a snake. If you feel confident that you can operate a 100' rental snake, then go rent one, otherwise call a plumber to come snake your lines for you. While he's there, have him snake ALL lines out to the main, this will help to make sure you have no problems into the foreseeable future.
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    Default Re: clogged sink

    You didn't list "call plumber" on your list of things you've done, and as spruce said, you need to do the entire house.

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