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    Default Ventilation in an attic of 4 Square

    I own an American Four Square and have a drastic temperature difference between the 420' sg ft occupied attic space (has large knee walls and is insulated) and the 2nd floor. The temperature difference between standing in the attic area and at the end of stairway from the 2nd floor into the attic area is routinely 10 - 15 degrees and 10% humidity on a day when it is in the high 70's outside. My question is would a roof vent help to circulate the heat out and draw the cool air up from the lower floors? Our would I need to install soffit vents also? Currently the soffits are not vented. Thanks for any help! I want to cool this space but do it accurately.

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    Default Re: Ventilation in an attic of 4 Square

    Vents are necessary and will help with air movement. Do a research on line to what kind are best for you.

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