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    Default Laminate Floor Repair

    One piece of laminate flooring is depresses and is lower than the adjacent piece. I have talked with many people and they all tell me that is cannot be repaired. Can it really not be repaired? Ok. But how do you replace it? How much needs to be replaced? And how do you ensure it won't happen again? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Default Re: Laminate Floor Repair

    If you knew how laminate is laid, you'd know how to replace a board in the middle, because the process to remove it is a reverse of the laying process.

    However, when you remove planks and you are impatient and not so careful, you may damage planks right and left. That means: have plenty of new planks on hand to replace the damaged ones.

    Once you replace it, find out why it was depressed compared to the neighboring planks and fix the situation.

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    Default Re: Laminate Floor Repair

    The above explains why I am not in love with laminate flooring even though I do a lot of it. With care I rarely lose any pieces doing repairs, but if the damaged plank is near where the flooring was started you've got a lot of removal to do to fix just one piece. And unless you've got the piece you need left over from the original install, a new piece from a different batch may not color-match well. I just don't see the advantage of having a hard-to-repair product with a limited lifespan over a real hardwood floor that can last as long as the house itself does and be repaiered if it is ever needed. Give it time and laminate floors will become like popcorn ceilings; seen as a cheap way to do things which needs to be removed and done right.


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