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    Default Asbestos shingles

    Can I cover existing exterior asbestos shingles with 2-3 inches of styrofoam insulation and new cedar shingles?
    The asbestos shingles are in good shape with no loose shingles anywhere.
    The house was built in 1951.

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    Default Re: Asbestos shingles

    Why not remove them and take the opportunity to clean up any framing or sheathing issues?
    It's this old house, not this built after your dad was born house.

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    Default Re: Asbestos shingles

    I would do the same thing. Rather than bury the asbestos, have it removed, legally.

    This way you rid your house of these shingles and get a chance to check, correct, replace a lot of things: dry rot lumber, electrical wires, plumbing, etc.

    Where is the house located? can you install cedar shingles?

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    Default Re: Asbestos shingles

    Not sure of the code requirements in Canada, but here some jurisdictions will not allow you to drive nails through asbestos shingles.

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    Default Re: Asbestos shingles

    Also there may be codes prohibiting a overlay of new roofing. Where I live, every re-shingling requires a tear-off by code now. They just started that about 18 months ago and woe unto the person who gets caught violating this one, especially if they find you've done other roofs similarly since the code change. It doesn't make sense to me but there it is and like all the codes you just have to deal with it. At disposal they also consider all shingles to have a low asbestos content because they can't differentiate among the different types at the landfill. No double-bagging etc, but an extra fee. Unless you try, dislodging airborne asbestos fibers from composite shingles isn't easy to do, so they're pretty safe to work around compared to other asbestos-bearing materials.


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