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    Default Ipe Siding? How hard is it to maintain?

    I am considering Ipe siding on my new home. (Soon to be started) I have found tons of information about it, but not enough to feel comfortable spending the time and money putting it on a new home. The main questions I have about Ipe siding are;

    What do I use to maintain the natural color and keep it from fading to gray?
    How often will it need retreated to maintain it's natural color?
    Is it risky to use 6" boards and risk cupping or warping?

    I plan on using the shiplap style of siding to give you an idea of what I am up against.

    Lastly, if not Ipe, the I am considering cypress or cedar. Neither of which I think will outlast Ipe. I am partial to exotic wood and have worked with it on interior uses and really enjoy the look, stability and durability.


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    Default Re: Ipe Siding? How hard is it to maintain?

    I've seen IPE used in decking, it's unbeatable and worth the money. If you can get a good deal on IPE for siding and like the finished looks, go for it.

    How to care for it? read about it on line and ask the suppliers.

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    Default Re: Ipe Siding? How hard is it to maintain?

    I've only seen and used Ipe on decks where it works well so long as it's maintained. That's a coat of the correct oil twice a year, which is too much for some folks. Lacking that (even once) the ends split, boards bow, and regardless they all seem to gray over time here in the sunny south. Ipe is as hard as a rock needing pilot holes or drill-point screws on installation and all cuts have to have the ends sealed before installing them. It's best to cut and seal all the ends to compensate for the time between logging and it getting into your hands. I'm not sure if I'd want it for siding, but for decking it's pretty awesome. You might want to keep your eyes open for other Ipe-sided homes in your area and ask the owners how they've fared; it might do well in more moderate climates than I deal with.


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