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    Default Crawl Space to Full Basement Conversion

    We are trying to decide if it would it be cost effective it to dig out a full basement under our existing home. We have a 2 story 1950 sq ft home in Northern Indiana, with an approx 34x34 total footprint. There is a 15x15 cellar, which holds our furnace, water heater, etc., and a crawl space under the remainder of the house. We have done a lot of DIY work and don't particularly want to move, and adding a full basement would pretty much make this our dream house. The foundation needs some work currently, so we will have to spend some money soon anyhow. We just don't know if it would be better to fix this house and move, or make it what we want and stay. Thanks for any advice!

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    Default Re: Crawl Space to Full Basement Conversion

    Well I think you need to see how much it would cost you to put in the basement in comparison to how much it would cost to move to a house that is already like your "dream house". Personally I'd try and stay in your current house especially if you've already done a lot of work on it. Really it would depend on how much it's going to cost to add a basement

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    Default Re: Crawl Space to Full Basement Conversion

    Forget it. It will be a long, long process and very, very expensive.

    Cost effective basement is put in before the house is built.

    So if you want a basement, sell this home and buy another one with a basement.

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    Default Re: Crawl Space to Full Basement Conversion

    Gotta agree with dj1.
    While possible, it's an involved process and not easily done.

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