Hi All,

My 2nd floor has a funky layout where you have to walk through a guest room to use the main bathroom, and have to walk through the bathroom to access the deck. This makes the guestroom more like an office and I find myself rarely ever using the nice deck. Imagine bringing food in and out of the bathroom going to/from the deck, or walking in on someone using the bathroom when exiting the deck.

I am considering putting up a wall in the bathroom to create a hallway to the deck, but doing so would obviously eat up the bathroom space, which might be a resale “no no”. The 7 ft of walking clearance would be shortened to 4 ft, with a 3 ft wide hall to the deck. I am also considering screening in the deck to extend the feel of livable space, but would never do so having the bathroom as the entrance.

The bathroom is old and needs to be redone anyway, so I have the opportunity to add the hall and fix up the smaller bathroom. Or I continue to fix up the larger bathroom and give up on the Deck issue. I personally want to create the separate walkway to the Deck but I don’t want to be kicking myself for this decision down the road. I keep going back and forth on Resale effects of this. In Baltimore City, Decks are common, large bathrooms are not, but both are considered to be highly appealing…..

Should I choose Large bathroom with barely usable deck, or smaller bathroom with nice outside deck feature?!?!

Advice and opinions are much appreciated!!!!