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Thread: 2 Story addtion

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    Our new home is brick exterior wall, which has a 1x2 furring strip on the inside of the wall, then a 1/2 inch insulation board, then sheet rock. I believe this is the structure of all exterior walls. We are thinking of 2 story addition, I know the foundation is in great condition and the walls are as well.

    Should there really be a concern that question if we can structurally add a 2 story?

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    that's a question for your architect who will in turn bring in an engineer. no one here can answer that question without seeing your house.

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    It's great that you think that your walsl and foundation are in great condition. However, they are not built for 2 story.

    Consult an engineer or an architect.

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    If done to recent codes, most new home foundation systems are rated to be used for 1 or 2 story frame construction homes. Your local codes inspector will have that answer for free via a phone call to their office. If you're somewhere that there is no inspection your original builder can offer advice. You may need to add some piers in the middle but maybe not, this will vary based on existing beam design loads. The brick ledge, if cast with the foundation, should also be adequate but if it was poured separately it may not be. Do not take this as saying all houses can be dealt with this way- most older homes have foundations only adequate for the intended single-story load. If in doubt, you may need to call in an engineer. And check with your homeowner's insurance policy- they may require an engineer signing this off. They may want a licensed contractor involved as well, though many just require signed-off inspections as called for by local code laws.

    You need local advice on this and many other related home-alteration matters but we're glad to give general advice.

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