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    Default TOH TV Site links dont work

    When trying to view videos on Thisoldhouse.com/toh/tv the site doesn't work sometimes, like today, I tried in 3 different browsers, IE, Chrome and Firefox and the links to change projects highlight, but don't click. The TV show doesn't load either.

    Even when clicking the "TV Shows" main button at the top of the website doesn't even work, where the button next to it "Magazines" works fine. I had to google "This old house TV" to get the TV link Thisoldhouse.com/toh/tv and go directly to the page. ONce on that page is where you run into problems.

    ITs happened to me before then it worked magically. I think its a server/code issue.

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    Default Re: TOH TV Site links dont work

    The site has too many ads. They all have to load before the video will load. It seems to me that if one ad fails to load, the video won't load. :-(

    This also means that ad blockers will prevent the video from loading. You must disable any ad blockers before even attempting to watch TOH videos.
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