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    Default Vermiculite Insulation in Attic & We want to Renovate :(

    Soooo we have vermiculite insulation in our attic, and I know there is a high likelihood that it contains asbestos--the super dangerous form of asbestos....yay.

    We don't have a lot of money. We bought our over 100 year old house super cheap as a fixer upper (as in..everything needed to be fixed). It only has one the kitchen...not my ideal...but we were thinking we could put a second bathroom in upstairs by renovating the second attic which happens to be just about level with the rooms upstairs ( I think the back half of the house where the attic is, including the one and only bathroom, was an addition.)

    We were thinking putting flooring over the vermiculite insulation would be a good idea anyway, to encapsulate it. However, how can we do anything without disturbing it and sending asbestos into the air? Any thoughts?

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    Default Re: Vermiculite Insulation in Attic & We want to Renovate :(

    Almost all vermiculite came from just three quarries. While it all has some asbestos content, only that from the Libby quarry was exceptionally dangerous- the other if left undisturbed or encapsulated presents a very low risk. The problem is that the Libby quarry produced about half the vermiculite total so you've got a 50/50 chance of having it. You can get a sample tested and they can tell you what you've got. Take separate samples from each area that appears to have been done at a different time. If it is the Libby stuff, get it gone ASAP; if not you may have other options.


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