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    Default Leaky Storm Door

    We just had a new front door professionally installed, with a new Anderson Deluxe Storm installed also, replacing an older, low end storm door. During the first rain, there was water leaking in from between the top of the storm door frame against the main front door frame. This was above the rain cap. First solution everyone recommends is chaulking. The low end storm door was not chaulked and did not leak. The replacement storm door on the back door does not leak and is not chaulked. The Anderson installation instructions do not call out chaulk, either. Putting chaulk seems to cover up the issue. I am looking for advice on what might be the issue, or what I should have installer recheck? Thank you in advance.

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    Default Re: Leaky Storm Door

    It's hard to say without examining your new door.

    Get your installer back and also call Anderson.

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    I like to apply a bead of caulking behind the flanges of storms to aid sealing. It doesn't take much and other than what squishes out (which you'll clean off) remains hidden and protected from the sun so it will last as long as the storm does. Also be sure something wasn't disturbed loosened brick molding?) causing a leak above and behind the new installation. Storm doors don't always do a great job with wind-driven rains- I never consider them to be waterproof, more something to mitigate some of the weather- not all of it. It still pays to seal them as best you can!


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