I need to do some wall repair around some baseboard molding. There are some small holes and caved-in portions that rise just above the baseboards, so it's a fairly inconspicuous area.

Being such a small area of only a few feet wide by inches high, my thinking was to rip out the wall from the floor to about 6 inches above and replace with drywall and plaster (or jc).

I was surprised to find that that is exactly how this wall is already put together: there is drywall on the studs with a small coating of plaster on top.

If this were just drywall I would plan on using tape on the border of the new drywall patch.

But since I have to do a build up of plaster/jc on top of the drywall I'm not sure if I should use tape at all. I'm not sure I can even use tape since the drywall will sit so far below the level of the finished wall.

Has anyone done this before?