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    Default What's the best way to raise height of Kitchen Island cabinets

    The previous homeowner used her kitchen island as a desk so the base cabinets are at desk height and not the standard countertop height.

    We are doing up updates to the kitchen and have decided to make the kitchen more open to the dining and living room. We have left the bottom half of the wall to minimize re-routing of ductwork and electrical. The half wall will be 34.5 inches and the plan is to put granite on top of that.

    My question is what’s the best way to raise the height of the island’s base cabinets? The cabinets will need to be raised 3-4 inches. I did remove some upper cabinets and could use some that that to create a trim piece to be screwed/glued to the top of the base cabinets. My thought was to use glue and pocket screws to attach to the top of the existing cabinets.

    I feel if I were to build up a base platform the toe kick would be way to high and look goofy.

    Sorry for the bad picture but you should be able to see the height difference between the existing counter and where the top of the wall will be once we finish it.
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