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    Default Need help with old hardwood flooring

    I have an old house built in 1904 that has original 1" oak hardwood flooring in 2 rooms. At some point it had to be refinished because it is in fairly good shape, but I have noticed that small cracks are beginning to appear between boards in large areas of the flooring ( the high traffic areas) Is there a wood fill type product that can be applied in a large area that will fill these small cracks and won't require sanding the entire floor?

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    Default Re: Need help with old hardwood flooring

    Sure, you can find wood filler, and in different tones at the stores or on line.

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    Default Re: Need help with old hardwood flooring

    Hardwood floors expand and contract by nature, so unless you observe the cracks over at least a year of normal living conditions you may find filler popping out when it wants to expand again. If the cracks never go away then filler will probably help and stay in place.


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