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    For years, I used to laugh at Norm Abrams for grabbing his nail gun for every little project. Then I finally bought one after having rented one for a project. Now my compressor and guns stand always at the ready. Granted I am not a carpenter using the guns day in, day out, but my inexpensive PorterCable package unit bought at Home Depot has given me 20 years of trouble free service. Even now they can be had for about $200 for the package with the compressor and a couple guns.

    The beauty of guns is that they go in so fast that they don't knock the work out of alignment, as does a hammer blow. The miter joint stays tight. Oak generally doesn't have to be pre-drilled. A gun also frees up a hand to aid in alignment. With a hammer and nail, both hands are needed. With a gun, one hand holds the trim piece, the other the gun.

    Guns are also great for securing joints being glued without clamping. They also keep pieces in line where stronger fasteners such as screws are being used.

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    Default Re: Working without Nail Gun

    Thank you so much guys. This is the first thread for me on and I am glad I signed up. Lots of helpful tips. Much appreciated.

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