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    Question replacing lighting over vanity

    We removed the old cabinet that had the lights as part of it (1967) and there is one large hole with wiring coming out. What is best to get for a cabinet and lights for this lower level bathroom (with window)?
    I picked out vanity that is "Truffle" colored. Had THOUGHT I would get matching cabinet but now realize the lighting issue is major so am just looking for options.
    Thanks for any advice.

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    Default Re: replacing lighting over vanity

    there's a hundred things you could do but the simplest option would be to call a local handyman. have him put a box in your wall for a new light up high on the wall and patch the hole and paint the wall. then buy either a medicine cabinet or a framed mirror and have him hang a new light above it hooked up to the new electrical box. simple solution that should only cost you $100 -$200 from a standard handyman.

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    Default Re: replacing lighting over vanity

    You need an electric box secured onto the framing, to:

    - house all splicings.
    - enable you to hang a light fixture safely.

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