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    Default French Dove Tailing

    What exactly is the difference between regular dove tailing and French dovetailing? I've been told French dovetailing is better; is that true? The examples I've seen on the internet are few and not very informative. Thanks for any help you can provide.

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    I've never heard the term before. Cursory look it would appear that a French dovetail is the same as a sliding dovetail, a basic rabbet joint with angled cheeks to lock the perpendicular piece into place. as opposed to an English dovetail, which appears to be more of a finger joint.
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    Default Re: French Dove Tailing

    Furniture stores coined the term "French Dovetail" to differentiate drawer construction between dovetail construction, or as they call it "English Dovetails", and sliding dovetails construction.

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    Default Re: French Dove Tailing

    Can I charge more if I call them French Dovetails ?

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