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    Default Exterior Porch and Balcony Water Problems

    I have an old brick home built in 1902 located in northern Ontario that has an original wrap around porch with a balcony built on top. I noticed over this past winter a lot of water drainage issues from the balcony that were starting to rot the porch ceiling below. When I removed the ceiling, I discovered that the balcony is actually built into the porch roof, so any water dripping through the floor of the balcony goes right into the porch ceiling and sits on the boards with no where to go. Replacing the ceiling will just result in another rot issue in a few years if the problem isn't dealt with. Any ideas on how to water proof the porch floor or add drains to the porch ceiling?

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    Default Re: Exterior Porch and Balcony Water Problems

    If you have ever done roofing, you may be able to do this, otherwise get estimates from at least 3 roofers in your area. Do it sooner than later to stop the damage from deteriorating.

    You can watch youtube tapes on this subject too.

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