I own a house build in the 1920. With 1,200 sqft and 3 bedrooms its a small-standard size town house in the north east of Ohio. This house is not the house my family and I are going to grow old in - we are planning to move in the next 5-7 years. The value of the house is under $100,000 so any decision on upgrades has to be an economical decision. I bought this house for a low price in a outdated shape. So far I've put quite a good amount of work into it and it turned out really nice. The next step is to put in 15 replacement windows as the old ones are 50+ years old, have been painted shut, or painted so many times that we can't open them easily or they are so wobbly in the frame that air leaks through them. They are single pane and with the harsh winter this year I need to replace them. I will install the windows myself.

With that in mind I went out to the big box stores to find an inexpensive yet functional window. All quotes contain the same "ingredients":
- 15 x Double Hung Vinyl White (most common size 28.5" x 58" - 9 out of 15 have roughly that measurement)
- all features standard
- Colonial Style Grid Pattern
- 2 Bathroom windows, tempered and both sashes obscured

- Home Depot: American Craftsman 70 series: $2,756 w/o tax
- Menards: Jeld Wen Builders Series : $2,523 w/o tax
- Lowes: Pella ThermaStar : $3,071 w/o tax

All stores told me they will price match the competitor. All current rebates are included. HomeDepot has 24months 0% financing. Mendards has 12months, Lowes 5extra % and 6months. The warranty on all windows seem similar. Only the jeld wen guy mentioned the warranty was transferrable - so when I sell my home thats a benefit.

I understand these are all lower grade windows and there are probably a lot cons.
Here is the question: IF all quotes from those stores were the same price - which one would you pick and why?
Also: Is there another option that I should consider?

Thanks for your help.