Hi everyone, and thanks in advance for taking time out of your day to post ideas! We recently purchased a new home, and love it, save the steep slope on the side of our home. I have affectionately nick named it the "drop of death." Aside from the fact that I hate to mow it, and weeding the area by the retention wall is more than just a pain, I have a two year old who bee-lines it straight to the top of the steepest part whenever we go outside the front door. I'd like to put something (that doesn't look totally stupid) at the top as a "fence" to prevent kids from falling down, and would prefer to landscape the slope area so that I do not have to mow. I'd like to use vegetation that is as hands-off as possible, so that I don't have to weed. (I feel like I have to tether myself to something when I pull weeds.) Not opposed to terracing or adding a brick or stone stair way so that going down is easier. Here are the things to consider:
1.) This is in GA, so we have clay soil. To compound this, it's a new construction site, so they pretty much filled in dirt/clay over the left over construction debris.
2.) This area is used for water drainage. I need to avoid potential flooding of both my neighbor and my yards.
3.) I need to make sure that the retaining wall can handle the load placed on it. (I plan to talk with a structural engineer about this.)
4.) This area is VERY sunny. Like, at least 12 hours baking in the Southern sun.
5.) This area can get VERY windy.

Not the most hospitable of places, but I'm at a loss for what to do, aside from Astro Turf, so any ideas are very much appreciated! Thanks! (I would add photos of the area, but can't figure out why they won't upload....will keep trying and post when I can!)