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    Default Re: Converting deck to enclosed room

    Ditto the last 2 posts. I've seen several converted decks done without inspection or adequate thought that has very insufficient foundations. Deck foundations aren't designed to carry a house load and often not even an added roof Egress codes can't be overlooked- they are an instant code-fail, but sometimes (based on the layout) you can add a window that meets egress requirements to the original bedroom and make things work.

    Like converted carports, enclosing a deck can work well sometimes while other times is doesn't, but rarely is as simple a matter as it looks like to the inexperienced eye. There's a lot more to things than a single glance and a thought tells you!


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    Default Re: Converting deck to enclosed room

    Alright, I thank you all for your post. This is why I figured I'd ask before jumping into. I'll have to have someone come out and see what we can do within code and go from there. I'm wanting the space to be either be a playroom or closet space for my kids. But I'll get it looked over by a contractor and go from there. Thanks guys!

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