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    Default Cabinet installation under existing granite countertop

    I need to replace the cabinets in our kitchen but want to keep the existing granite countertop.
    I already bought new IKEA cabinets with adjustable legs.
    Was thinking of replacing the cabinets one after another.
    What would be the safest way to do that? Is it possible to get it done?
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thx, Marion

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    Default Re: Cabinet installation under existing granite countertop

    First question is, will the IKEA cabinets support the weight of the countertop?

    After that, it will be VERY risky business to try what you're asking, the safer bet would be to have a granite top installer come and remove the top for you, replace the cabinets, then have the top reset. There will be NO guarantees when working with an existing top, if it breaks, it breaks, whether you break it with your idea or the installer breaks it doing his thing.

    Did you think about just repairing and refacing the cabinets you have? That would be a whole lot easier and less risky or expensive.
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    Default Re: Cabinet installation under existing granite countertop

    Nearly impossible, unless the granite is not attached to the cabinet or a piece of plywood on top of the cabinets.

    As strong in granite is, it could break easily in situations like yours.

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