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    Default Re: Gap Under Interior French Doors

    Some of the newer kick plates are a brass/titanium alloy which does not tarnish.

    Against that older woodwork, it might look good to deliberately chemically tarnish the brass to an aged patina.

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    Default Re: Gap Under Interior French Doors

    I'd add a filler strip to the bottom of the doors. If you can't match the stain, that doesn't mean that nobody can- some folks (like me) just don't have the knack or color vision needed for that. Get a stock of matching wood much more than needed, then cut sample-size pieces and let someone good at stain matching have a go at it. Eventually they'll hit the right combination. Be sure to apply finish when you think you've found the match as that can alter the color enough to ruin the match. Even if there is a small joint line when you're done it will hardly be noticed- people don't look at french doors as much as they look through them and notice the mullions and other details- only one in a hundred is going to see your repairs


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