Hi everyone,

My family and I live in a 3 bedroom colonial in NJ with a fairly new heating system that was installed the year before we bought the house in 2010. It's a Peerless Boiler thats works well and we had a new thermostat (only 1 in the house, in dining room) put in to replace the outdated dial type.

It can get pretty stifling - borderline oppressive when it gets up to temperature. Its nice that we have a powerful, working heating system but it chokes us and even worse dries out the air to a point where everyone in the house wakes up with dry sinus, dry throats and congestion. It gets so dry in the house it really feels like something is wrong.

It has gotten to a point where my wife refuses to turn it on (she has a deviated septum and has terrible sinus congestion at times, the heat only contributes to it) and would rather wear sweaters and build a fire. We have a 3 year old we have to layer in blankets to avoid turning it on. Its ridiculous. Of course, when it drops below freezing we have to run it, otherwise the pipes will freeze.

We know the heating system is the culprit because every autumn when we turn it on, the same thing happens. Everyone says that steam heat is the best and should actually HELP alleviate the dryness in the house. I regularly check the boiler, change the water out as instructed, even have read the manual to see if I'm missing anything. Is it possibly contaminated? Mold? Should we have the air checked?

I am thinking of calling a professional to service it and pick his brain on the matter but wanted to see if anyone here had any similar experiences or remedies.