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    Default Underground Cistern Issue

    Not really sure if it goes here, but this is an outdoor issue. We just purchased a 112 year old farm house. It has both an underground cistern and an old well. Both are full of water and may be useable. I know I need to get the water tested first.

    My question is on the cistern. After the recent rains we received, the cistern is full and I noticed a hole from the outside ground leaking into the cistern. I looked inside and found some of the bricks which make up the dome of the cistern are starting to slide in.

    I really would like to be able to use the cistern for yard projects and such, so I would like to know how i can fix it or repair it. I am afraid to pump it dry as I do not want the thing to collapse. I do not know how deep it is as we are still in the move in stage and I haven't had a chance to investigate further.

    Please help.


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    Default Re: Underground Cistern Issue

    I would think the lid to one of them farm tanks would make a nice lid to the cistern if you can find one the right size (or slightly larger) The farm tank lids are heavy duty plastic with access holes with screw on lids.

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