I need some guidance on painting the exterior stucco of my house. It's about 100 years old and in Memphis TN. I power washed to remove loose pain first then filled multiple hair line cracks with caulk. The stucco is in great shape, did not have to repair anything other than the hair line cracks. The stucco is not heavily textured, more or less a sandy finish. I would like to use some sort of base coat like they did on the East Boston House. From what I understand, they used a clear acrylic base coat then coated it with an acrylic elastomeric paint. I would like to add a little perlite and sand to give it a nice even textured finish. Would Behr paint be good to use or should I go to Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore? I've seen that Benjamin Moore has a paint called Aura, costing around $65 per gallon. Limeworks.us has Quartz Guard for around $90 a gallon. I plan to use rollers/paint brushes instead of spraying mainly due to the sand and perlite addition. Are these prices a little high? I would like to do a quality job since I don't plan on ever doing this again (I'm 52 years old now). Is there anything better on the market now that would be more durable or better to use?

Is there anything else I need to know before I start painting? Any comments or guidance would be greatly appreciated.