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    Default Changing to PEX for hydronic heat

    Thinking of changing out old metal heat pipes to PEX like shown on TOH. Will I need to change the pressure in the system because the smaller diameter of the PEX?

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    Default Re: Changing to PEX for hydronic heat

    Have not seen the episode dealing with changing out metal heating pipes for PEX & would wonder if you are having specific issues with corrosion, leaking, inadequate heat, etc.; not aware of any pressure changes needed in HW systems, since they all operate at approx 12-15 psi; PEX has the same internal diameter as other piping.

    I would say leave the existing piping in place unless it is very old & causing problems due to corosion, multiple leaks, water flow issues, etc.
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    Default Re: Changing to PEX for hydronic heat

    I'm normally with the "If it ain't broke don't fix it" bunch but if access is easy and you've got the time, or if other work is making the access easy at the time, then you might want to do an upgrade while it's convenient or easy. That certainly beats doing a demo in six months to get back to the failed part(s) you had exposed earlier!

    Done properly, PEX is as permanent as plumbing gets and I'd want the upgrade if it were mine just so I knew I'd never be doing any repairs there in the future- YMMV


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