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    Default need parts for vintage Watrous flush valve

    I have an old Watrous flush valve (photo attached, model unknown) in my bathroom and it won't flush. At first it just leaked but now it won't flush at all. I know the company is out of business and replacement parts are almost impossible to find. Can I use Sloan or other parts? Can anyone identify the model of this Watrous flush valve? Any help is appreciated.

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    Default Re: need parts for vintage Watrous flush valve

    You photo didn't show up. Try uploading it to a site like and then give us the link.

    There are universal flush valves available, with a std size drain, that fit a lot of tanks. You can find them on line or at the stores.

    In the past, when ever I needed something that was discontinued or the company is no longer around, I just replaced the whole thing. Searching, time, travel, gas and lunches on the road add up to more than a new unit, in most cases.

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    Default Re: need parts for vintage Watrous flush valve

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