I am a first time home owner in Cleveland, Ohio. I have about 3,500 square feet of property in the backyard. Unknown to me, the backyard floods... I mean FLOODS. My dog drinks the water and gets sick from it. I had an estimate and the gentleman said I would need a plethora of French Drains. However the problem is this:

there is no where for the french drain to drain into. The cost is astronomically high because I nsed several drains, a tree cut down and other trees possibly cut down because removing the soil and doing that much work to the large area of would mess with the roots and the trees have the potential of dying.

Are there any suggestions to where the drains could run to? or how to maybe turn this into like a little pond or something? Is that possible? There are several inches of standing water in the majority of backyard and it is creeping up towards the house (there is a slight decline in the backyard but the higher area is still quite marshy).

Any tips would be much appreciated. It was estimated that to do everything, tree cutting, drains, the amount of soil, sand, rock and removal of my fence for the large equipment to get back there would be nearly $15,000.00. but i also had a more realistic one tell me about $8,000.00. I am looking to have a conservative price without sacrificing quality. I would rather pay a little more and have it done correctly and problem solve, than go about it a cheap way and have problems in like 3 years all over again.