Our kitchen counters were built on site as part of the base cabinets. I worked inside the cabinets installing drawers & could see it would never come off without destroying the entire structure. The house was built by a by a carpenter for himself with way too many nails available. That was the deciding fact to recover the top with Formica.

The metal edging was removed & the corner metal was ripped off at the back splash. The counter was cleaned with TSP and sanded with 100 grit. In a few places where the old counter was loose screws were counter sunk to remedy that.

The 5 X 12 piece of Formica was rough cut to the size needed. I ended up with 1 seam instead of 4 & it was at the end under a cabinet. With warmer weather I could open windows & put an induction motor (no spark) fan in the window to remove fumes. The new Formica had contact cement applied out in the garage. I used the volatile contact cement as it was recommended for laminate on laminate.

With 20 or so 1/2 dowels the new sheet was positioned and set in place. Next I worked the piece setting & trimming with a small router. The final part was milling a custom maple edge molding that was set in clear silicone and pinned.

The effect was exactly what we wanted for our mid-century modern ranch.